All projects have a relevance for the culture center. When ever a sponsor is interested in to take part in one of the following named projects she or he's welcome. No questions, we would be just glad to get for which project ever financial support.

A) For 'The Rock Art Project'. The titel of this gigantically monument-group is "The Calendar of Animals". It shall happen at the Lake BAYKAL's north-eastern Range, in the Republic Tuva and in Mongolia's north and can be done with a group of native and foreign students. That's my vision and aim.
Ones finished it shall be also an attraction for our touristical guests. As a worldwide unique national monument it shall pay honor for our animals. Having visitors it means even income for our regions. Maybe I'm wrong but I do not know any specifically new monument for the animals, as some were done ones by our anciently people. Will such work done first in Mongolia or Buryatia we will see.This project I have developed at most.

B) For an art collecting and people uniting 'Circumpolar traveling Workshop & Exposition of First Peoples' temporary Art'. Such project has never been done before but could be quite spectacular for all sides. This kind of 'cultural adventure' need great strategy, logistics, good communication, various transportation and the help of many museums of art and ethnology.

C) For the 'MUSEUM OF TEMPORARY ART OF NORTHERN ASIAN FIRST PEOPLES' ARTISTS'. A place not existing anywhere in Eurasia yet. It shall have its set up in Buryatia or Mongolia (not in Moscow or Beijing), to cause the same effects for an economical less developed area as it was happen when the 'Guggenheims' had build their museum in the less developed Baskian land of Spain. Also here all drafts and calculations are done.

D) For the project 'North-Asia's First Peoples' Voice'. Such project could be an interesting one for Global Broad Casting Stations & Systems. Maybe ones it could own the help of the UNESCO ? Same moment I talk about braking Russian as a wall between our native tongues and English as world-communication. And I talk about the possibility of education for both side as well about correspondence course via radio for our nations' people. More information about this theme you'll find in "Western Media & Eastern Peoples" under ARTICLES.

E) For such idea: Not every now and then but each year could be happen in the winter and/or summer the 'Northern Pan-Asiatic Games of First Peoples'. Such event can travel like the Olympiads do, but only in our northern Asian regions. Beside of various traditional sporting contests, this people uniting event can bear a lot of cultural activities too. In other words, I 'dream' about a colorful mix of happenings, of peoples, of many tongues.
Because of positive ecosocial effects this kind of games, carefully developed and thus growing step by step, can be ones also a great magnet for tourism. Foreign 'guests' had join in growing number our local annual national festivals. They payed attention for such which are happen in Sakha (Yakutia), Kazakhstan, Tuva, Buryatia, Mongolia or in Northern China.
The Pan-Asiatic Games can also cause (as natural effect) that our peoples' families have a reason to keep culture, trade and traditon alive. By the way, how can we vote for a 'Miss' if non of our young ladies doesn't know how to talk and sing in her native tongue, how to ride a reindeer, horse or camel, how to make and wear a traditional costume, et cetera.
As for me, already I can hear the jumble of different languages and folksongs, can see all these colorful outfits and giggling children, can smell many national dishes whilst our youth is still busy with sporting adroitness.
Please note also our
First Nations' Tourism.

F) For the 'Project Sculpture-Group' carved by my own hands. The work's titel: "Me and my Children's Soul in Rest at the top of the Trees". This project was a offer at the EXPO 2000. By its meaning it can be done again worldwide.

G) For a 'Multimedia Performance Project' with the title "Let's follow the blue Moon". This performance could travel and can done by First Peoples' students of various training.

H) For, last but not least, the 'Project Culture Center'. Please link yourself for reading what's all about under: . Guiding written thoughts you'll find under ARTICLES.

After you've read top written ideas you may think: 'Doesn't he ask for too many possibilities and projects, for too much financial support and who will give such; is he a dreamer?'
First of all I'm a man who keeps his head amongst the stars to see what's happen on earth whilst for lifetime I was glued with both feed to the ground. Nobody would be able to use the 'internet' if Mr. Luigi Galvani wasn't busy with electricity and nobody would fly to the space if Mr. Albert Einstein didn't had his dreams and physical mathematics. Well I'm not an artist with such qualities but I know how other projects' idea came up worldwide to be reality afterwards.

"Money', this quite often blamed word, can do wonderful things but it needs visions too".
Nothing more I wish than to have the world's attention for forgotten peoples and to have also our regions prosper.

Whoever may have an interest in one of the top named projects, being able to cause serious financial and organized support, you can send a message to:


"The Calendar of Animals"