As an Evenk artist who have found his own way of life, who went back to his origin being a 'bridge of mind and possibilities' (I own a Buryat and a German passport) first of all I'm simply grateful for my me guiding spirits. They gave me the talent and power to develop a worldwide unique style of art, so I really don't have to sign or brand my works anymore. People recognize already my works by my style. It's a destiny of less artists.

But recognizing how heavy Northern Asia's First Peoples', and so my own people's, spirit and language, unwritten legends and knowledge, culture and tradition drift along 'the shore of extinction', that some can be gone soon by our present ecosocial situation when no help comes along, it makes my heart bleeding when I think only about this fact. This makes me sad and angry same times.

About 70 % of Siberia's First Peoples' member have no serious job !

I know that most of my people, and similar nations' people too, see their present situation under the typical Russian term of "noo ladnoo!" - what means "well, all right, it is like it is, as god have decided, not changeable". In my own family, a conglomerate of Evenk-European and Eastern Buryat mentality, we have a lot of quarrel because of character, tongue, culture, identity, belief and pride. As for me,being a rootless halfbreed, who had for a very long time nothing in common with my own communist and cultural past and mother tongue - today it's relevant what I've named before. But most it shall have relevance for my Evenk daughter who can't speak Evenk and have forgotten Buryat by her mother's will and overwhelming Russian culture.

Being an unemployed person in Buryatia, droven by my own experienses, observations, personal vision and by my will to build the Cultur Center of Education and Training, how often I was entangled with Russians' discussions and questions like "Why must you build a center for natives? Since when do Sovjet native people need support? Are you a nationalist? Do you sympathize with Caucasians? Aren't we as Russians in trouble too? To be Russian is not a question of national and cultural identity but a state of mind and tongue! We have tread all natives very well!"
Ain't no arguments nor already known facts coming from my side had brought better judgments. Even when I spoke about that the uniting culture center self,being as N.G.O. a border crossing activity, open for ev'ryone, that we like to help others as well - it didn't help to calm down such discussions.
Finally my last attemt was to speak about a "many storied house of various nationalities", that in them "all tenants should have the right to live united in true peace and harmony but by the possibility of each own cultural and lingual identity". It didn't help, no matter that such point of view was identical with the old communist philosophy.
I spoke also about the present Chinese policy for minorities;that minorities there if they do not quarrel with 'Beijing' can indulge own tongue, culture and tradition. It was not helpful either.
"When you live in Russia you must speak only 'po russkij' (Russian) and to found a center or a school for natives is bull-shit. We have a Russian culture and not an Evenk, Even or what-ever-comes-along-culture!" so they had reply.

We splitted up and my thoughts were: 'Have all this Buryat and Russian ministeries and other institutions cheat me when they gave me official documents of good will? Have my own people's leaders spoken with forked tongue when they had told in public interviews how much our people will admire me if I'll make it to set up the center?'. Meanwhile, but very slow, some of the Siberian First Nations take care again for almost gone culture, tongue and knowledge. A motivation more to keep my aim. But I, our First Nations, need help.

That's why I like to have you dear reader of the 'culture center's homepage as a lobbyist and supporter. Be aware that every help of which kind ever, every tiny or big donation will be more than welcome. Just write on and we see how you can help.

If you have an interest in articles I wrote about our region and peoples please read what's written under ARTICLES.

SCULPTUR PROJECT "THE ARRIVAL OF THE CRANES" with movable wings on iron strings.
My fee given as financial support for the 'CULTURE CENTER'. Span of the wings: 6m.
Material: Different kind of metal.