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What you see here that's my personal traditional outfit done with my own hands by use of exclusively natural and old materials. Being as well an adviser for collectors and museums of northern Asian ethnic arts & crafts I teach traditional technics, ornaments & design for everbody, any time you wish. I know our various nature, animals, people's history and daily life well to give a general view in seminaries.

Gallery I - V show you my style and salable works as a result of my own and our people's lifestyle, legends, ornamental art as expression of millenniums, belief in Shamanism and surrounding nature with all our various beloved animals.
My style base on the absorption of Altaic style, our anciental pictographics, traditional stencilprints, caligraphical paintings and Shamanistical X-ray-graphics. The sculptures' shape base only on the materials as I found them in our nature, as they got their first shape already by nature and thus by our heaven.
Being under the command of my spirits all artworks are mostly done after visions, in dreams and less by fictions.
As common by Evenki's tradition and nomadic lifestyle, most of the sculptures can I put together, to carry them like small pack.

My main theme 'Nature and Man' you can enjoy in my in English self written book.

for the Northern Eurasien First Peoples"

are superabundant illustrated, naturally done in my own style. It's available also in English and Russian.

NOTE: All artworks and their reflections are under strict control and reg. American copyright. Ditto the label Merchandise for Nature that was created to give financial support for our threaten nature and our rangers as well for the


Abuse will cause the conflicts with American lawyers.


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