I must confess - as a child of Soviet communism and later as a young man under western influence to be after a global acting man, no matter to all I have lost my spiritual roots never. Traditional thinking and own belief innermost as two constant 'legs in my life', enclosing wild nature and animals as my true and necessary base - culture, the various culture of our First Peoples, such culture makes me to be a human being in our meaning.

Health is unalterable necessary, good economy gives our life ease, money can be the key for prosperity - but culture in its complete meaning is the balance for living in our world.
Unfortunately, in comparison with other natives in this world (for instance American First Nations), not much is known in The West when it comes to the theme Northern Asia's First Nations, especially those of Siberia. The West has more or less good knowledge on Khalkha-Mongolian, but our regions have 128 more First Nations.
And so, a lot more culture, partly many centuries old, is to discover. Unhappy is, some peoples will die out soon.

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