Jobs which are arranged with your help, showing my style in- or outdoor,
will give you 10 % or extra settled percentage of my fee!

You can order my works as you can see in the handmade limited catalogs. The second (green) catalog's poster show a review of 254 pictures of graphics & paintings. All expenses of transportation are chargeable to you.

First Catalog (blue): 16 USD Second Catalog (green) with doublepage-poster: 18 USD

Limited Postcards: 2 USD Art-Prints: 5 USD Posters: 8 USD

My own handmade Catalogs

in limited Print
done with Love for Details

PLEASE NOTE: I can use the 'INTERNET' only by chance but I'll try to keep everything actual.
All receipts of my works go as financial support to the
'culture center'.

If you like to order
my graphics, paintings or sculptures give a message to to let me know what's your postal address and what you like to buy.
I'll figure out
how much the delivery will cost depending on the distance to your country,
I'll tell you then
the complete price by e.mail, 
you make your true order and hopely soon you can receive my works
after you have made the money-transfer to the account of MENSCHENRECHTE 3000 e.V.:

Volksbank Freiburg 24, receiver's code name: minoritaetenhilfe sibirien,
bank code: 680 900 00, account: 21335703

IBAN: DE14 6809 0000 0021 3357 03, BIC: GENODE61FR1

It's our new 'Culture Center's stabile international bank-connection, since Grey Wolf Guruev passed away this year.
Please keep the banking charges at your side.
We will send a donation receipt - please send your name and address: