THE IDEA is to create three times a supersized engraving done on a huge rock (height between 80 and 120 metre), each time happen in the region of Mongolia, Buryatia and Tuva to honor our relative wild animal by causing same time the world greatest landsart, visible from a spacelab as well on earth. And this in a region where several parks exist as part of the world's natural heritage, where same time close to the Lake Baykal shall run a pipeline for oil. All three monuments shall symbolize the past, the presence and the future of animals, if the human race will allow such for plants and animals and finaly for itself. But the main idea is rooted in the shamanistical belief of the artist as well in his recognition how the human race tread the species animal whilst the men wouldn't exist without them.

WHAT CAN BE SEEN when everythink work out fine can be said in one sentence. Engraved and painted animals over animals of The Great Northern Asia analogous with the centuries old tradition of the early men when rock engraving was a common part of spiritual and artistical expression. All done in the artist's style, a style that unite the northern Asian styles of the great Altai house (Turk-, Mongol- and Tungus- Manchu-Peoples), inclusive "x-ray-style" of the Paleo-Siberian and Uralic Peoples.
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THE RESULT AND EFFECT of such work will cause the world's attention for a less noted region, may help the regions' infrastructure by having more visitors (same effect still is happen with the USA monument "Mount Rushmoor"), could be noted in the Guiness Book of Records and last but not least Mongolia's "Monument for Animals" could be a meetingpoint for all those people which have an interest in the protection of nature whilst anyhow the artist takes care for his project "Culture Center of the Northern Asian First Peoples' Art - for Education and Training" in the same region.

THE TECHNICAL CONCEPTION is introduced in such way: Depending on the weather, each rock, first in Mongolia, should be engraved with the help of about 30 participants or more coming partly from our region as well from foreign countries. For the latter reason the artist will send a 'mail to the "Association of Rock Artist" (USA). All helpers must be healthy, must have a hand for being a crafts-man and free from giddiness. The work may last one summer or two. The artist will try to find sponsors for the technical need (tools, equipment to climb a rock, etc.).

ABOUT FINANCES the artist have to say: "Welcome patronage and sponsors!" because, unfortunately the region of Mongolia and Siberia is economical one of the less developed region in this world. An extra reason why the artist like to create the monuments there. Thus is clear foreign participants have to pay for taking part in such spectacular work. The already done calculation figured out, each helper must invest for a 3 month participation 2.000 USD plus plane ticket, in the homeland made health insurance and the duty for a visa. That's equal with what other "Projects Abroad" ask for.

TIMETABLE & PLACE The project should start at first in 2006 in Mongolia's region of the Lake Hubsgul the granny of Lake Baykal. Depending on the weather and on the number of participants it will last 3 month (June, July and August). If this part of the whole project couldn't be finished in this time the following year (2007) will offer 3 month more of sunny weather. General, Mongolia and Siberia are regions of continental climate and our summer offer mostly sunshine by temperatures till 35 Celsius plus.

AT THE END of this 'page, it's up to you, who found this worldwide remarkable project via internet or got knowledge on by a 'mail, will you like to take part in an interesting work or be an enthusiastically sponsor. Just send your message to and you will receive an answer for sure.