YOU like to be a participant in such project ? Proof yourself: Will you be tough enough to work at a rock between 1 and 120 meters height. And this in a region of about 1300 / 2000 above 0/0-level. It's not relevant for citizen of Alpine countries, such as Switzerland or Austria, but for those who live in a low-level-country or city like New York or Tokio. Best is a check up by your doc and a health- insurance. YOU have to invest 2.000 USD for 3 month-participation, so we can carry, shelter and feed you in a region where no drop of civilization exist as your person used to be in. But we can count there on the natural products of the nomadic herder, who will be glad to earn some bucks. YOU will need an official invitation for a 3-month-visa in a passport, for Mongolia as well for Buryatia or Tuva which are part of the Russian Federation. Therefor you have to send: Your full name, date of birth, address, passport-number and how long your passport will last.